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WU Agents who has been approved
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Western Union resumes its remittance service to Cuba

Check Cashing USA has been selected as one of the few pilot locations in south Florida that can process wire transfer transactions to Cuba.  The pilot program began on January 9th, 2023.  The service is NOT available on the Western Union mobile app.  To send money to CUBA, please visit any one of our South Florida locations.
Money can be sent to Cuban bank accounts or debit cards at the following banks:
  • Banco Metropolitano S.A.
  • Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC)
  • Popular Savings Bank (BPA)

To send money to Cuba, you must provide:

  • Receiver’s Full Name (as it appears on Cuban ID)
  • Cuban ID Number
  • 16 Digit Cuban Bank Account Number

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Did you know that there is a limit to send money to Cuba?

There is currently a $2000 limit on transactions to Cuba with fees as follows

  • $300 up to $20,
  • $8 dollars for every $100
  • $26 up to $1000 shipped.
  • More than $1,000, the charge will be 2.5%.

Transactions completed before 12 noon Eastern Standard Time should be available the same day.  Transactions sent after 12 Noon will be available on the following business day.

Please note: business days do not include holidays or weekends.


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