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Getting a Visa Prepaid Debit Card at Check Cashing USA™ is convenient and easy, there's no credit check, no overdraft fees and no bank account required. Just load a Visa Prepaid Debit Card and you will be able to pay for everything you need. Use your Pre Paid Debit Card for Online shopping, bill payments or everyday purchases. Prepaid Cards provide a more convenient and safer way to pay than cash

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Getting A Prepaid Debit Card Is Quick And Easy

Prepaid debit cards are a type of payment card that can be loaded with funds in advance. They are an alternative to traditional bank accounts and credit cards and can be used for various purposes, including making online purchases, paying bills, and withdrawing cash from ATMs. 
There are many reasons why prepaid debit cards are essential and beneficial. For one, they can help to improve financial inclusion by providing access to essential banking services for those who may not qualify for a traditional bank account. Finally, they can provide an extra layer of security when making transactions online or in person. Overall, prepaid debit cards offer a number of advantages and can be a helpful tool for managing finances.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

 What is NexsCard?


It is a Prepaid Debit card, with NO MONTHLY fee, No overdraft, and No maintenance fee. NexsCard is a card that can be used where Visa Debit is accepted.


Can I use it for purchases online?

Yes, as long as your card has been verified you can make purchases online.


What if I have a problem?

You can call the number on the back of the card for customer service or come back here and we will be happy to help you.


Can I get my balance?

Yes, you can. You can get your account balance by text message, e-mail, from the Nexscard mobile app, by calling the number on the back of the card or they may come to your location and you can provide them the account balance.

 Can I Direct Deposit my government check?


Yes, we take care of everything.


Can I use my NexCard to make purchases?

You can use your NexsCard anywhere Visa debit is accepted.


When will I get my card with my name on it (personalized card)?

7 to 10 business days.


Does NexsCard have a Mobile App?

Yes you can download from the Apple store or the Google store (NexsCard Mobile APP)

Can I Direct deposit my Payroll, Income tax, Child support, or unemployment check?

Yes, you can Direct deposit any type of check (You can find Direct deposit form on the Mobile App.)

What if I lose my card?

You can come back to us and we will replace your card at our store (there is a $5.00 charge
by NexsCard) with a temporary card.


Can I use my card in Other Countries?

Yes. Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.


Can I unload cash?

 Yes, you can unload cash at any of the Check Cashing USA agent locations or the ATM. Also, NexsCard is a Visa that can be used wherever Visa is accepted (please note the account must be verified to be able to unload cash).