We never make you wait
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The Benefits Of Our Check Cashing Services

You can walk into any of your numerous locations throughout Florida with a check, and you will walk out with cash in hand. For many people, check cashing services are an essential part of their financial lives. Here are just a few of the reasons why these services are so important and beneficial:

Convenience: Check cashing services at Check Cashing USA provide a quick and convenient way to access your money. There's no need to wait for a bank to clear your check or to make a trip to the ATM.


Security: Want a safe and secure way to manage your finances? Your money is protected from theft and fraud.

 Affordability: Check cashing services are often very affordable. We offer low fees, which makes check cashing an excellent value for many people.

We cash all types of checks

Just bring your check and a photo ID (drivers license, Military ID, Passport, etc.) and we will turn your check into cash! If you don’t have a photo ID, just bring your check and any type of ID you have and we may be able to help.

  Types of checks we cash include

  • Payroll – Handwritten or Computer Printed
  • Tax Refunds – Rapid Refund or US Treasury
  • Government Checks
  • Insurance
  • Money Orders
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Personal Checks
  • Checks payable to your Company
  • Out of State Checks
  • Student Loan Checks
  • Many other Checks!

What Are Check Cashing Services?


Not everyone has a bank account, but that doesn't mean they don't have financial needs. That's where check cashing services come in — they offer a way for people who do not like working with banks to cash their checks quickly and easily. Whether it's a payroll, government, or personal check, these services can help you get your money right away. Check cashing locations, such as Check Cashing USA, can be found all over Dade and Broward county. 

According to INFiN, there are over 13,000 check cashing locations across the United States serving more than 30 million customers. In addition to check cashing, these services often offer other financial services like payday loans and money transfers. These services provide an important resource to those who might not otherwise have access to traditional banks.

How Do Check Cashing Services Work?

When it comes to cashing your paycheck or government check, you want access to your money as soon as possible. But, if you deposit your check into a bank or credit union account, it could take a few business days for the check to clear. This is where check-cashing services come in handy. With these services, you can cash your check and receive the money immediately, minus a fee. 

Whether you have a Social Security check or a regular paycheck, check-cashing services will verify your identity and provide you with same-day cash. Not only do they offer quick access to your money, but some services also provide prepaid cards for added convenience. Say goodbye to waiting for funds availability and hello to instant cash with Check Cashing USA.

Pros Of A Check Cashing Service


Check cashing services have long been a lifeline for those who are seeking convenience and accessibility outside of the typical banking hours. One of the most significant advantages of these services is that they're usually open around the clock so that customers can access their funds anytime it's most convenient for them. 

Moreover, check cashing services often provide a valuable option for financially underserved individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services. By offering a range of financial services on site, such as money transfers and bill payments, check cashing locales create a one-stop-shop for people who need assistance in managing their finances. Overall, these services provide much-needed convenience and support to those who may not have other options.

How To Cash A Check At Check Cashing USA

Cashing a check can be a hassle, particularly if you don't have access to traditional banking services. Fortunately, Check Cashing USA makes it easy to get the cash you need quickly and without jumping through hoops. All you need is your government-issued ID and your check, and one of our associates will handle the rest. 

They'll scan your check to start the approval process, and you'll be walking out of the store with cash in hand before you know it! Plus, you don't need to worry about a credit check–we're here to help regardless of your credit history. So next time you need to cash a check, come see us at Check Cashing USA.

Why Choose Check Cashing USA for Check Cashing?

Choosing where to cash your checks can be a daunting decision. You want a reliable and trustworthy company that can provide you with the services you need when you need them. Check Cashing USA understands the importance of flexibility and convenience, which is why we offer extended store hours and weekend availability. This allows customers to work with their busy schedules and alleviate the stress of finding time during the workweek to handle their finances. 

In addition, Check Cashing USA accepts most check types, including those that may be deemed hard to cash by other banks or companies. With cash readily available, you can quickly pay bills, purchase groceries, or cover any urgent expenses. When it comes to reliable and efficient check cashing services, Check Cashing USA is the go-to choice for many individuals.

Tax Refund Checks Cashed


Get cash fast from your tax return


Check Cashing USA can Unload your Debit Card


No matter where you had your taxes prepared,

                                                                                                Check Cashing USA™ is the place to get your Tax Refund Check Cashed:

Government Tax Refund Checks Cashed: 


Whether they are local, state, or federal

Non-Government Tax Refund Checks:


We accept checks from Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block, and more.


We cash large checks with low fees


Be careful during tax season


Put your cash on a debit card.


Load your tax refund onto a prepaid debit card and you will be able to pay for everything you need.

We can turn your checks into cash fast.


Our check cashing fees are clearly posted in the lobby of every Check Cashing USA™ location.