Why you need an installment loan

Hint: It puts the money you need where you need it (in your pocket).

  • Oct. 17, 2022

When life happens, money can be hard to come by. Often, a payday loan can get you to the
next payday. But sometimes, you need a little more cash, and you need more time to pay off
your loan. In these cases, you don’t need a payday loan. You need an installment loan.
Fortunately for residents of South Florida, they’re available around the corner, right here at
Check Cashing USA.

What’s an Installment Loan?

An installment loan is one of the most common loans out there. In fact, if you have car
payments or a mortgage, you already have an installment loan.
With an installment loan, you don’t pay the entire loan off at one time. Rather, you pay it off over
time, with regular installments. That’s why it’s called an installment loan.
Each of these payments is normally the same amount. If you come across some extra cash, you
can often pay off the remainder of your loan early with no penalty.

What Are the Benefits of an Installment Loan?

For the right person, installment loans have a number of benefits. These include:
You can borrow more money. At Check Cashing USA, you can borrow up to $500 for a
payday loan. Need more than that? An installment loan is your best option. With our installment
loans, you can borrow up to $1,000 at one time.

You get more time. Payday loans get fully paid off with your next paycheck. That may be in
one week, two weeks, a month. When you get an installment loan, you have more time to pay
the loan off. That’s good news, since you’re also borrowing more money. And if you decide to
pay it off early, fantastic! At Check Cashing USA, you’ll save some interest, with no prepayment

You pay on your schedule. Just like payday loans, installment loans are set up with your
convenience in mind. Whether you get paid every week, every other week, or once a month,
your payments are adjusted to your life. Also, your installments can stretch out over a few
weeks or a few months—all based on your needs.

Why Turn to Check Cashing USA for Your Installment Loan?

Unless you’re buying a new house or a car, getting a loan of $1,000 or more with a bank is
nearly impossible. That means banks can’t help deal with your medical bills. They probably
won’t help pay for your leaking roof. Or the new transmission your car needs.

At Check Cashing USA, we’re in the business of helping people. Our goal is to help you get out
of sticky situations and back on your financial feet. An installment loan is a great way to do just

Whether you have great credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, you may be eligible for an
installment loan at Check Cashing USA. With locations all over South Florida, you’re never far
from the funds you need.

Visit your closest location today to apply for an installment loan, and go home with fatter