Check Processing at the Speed of Business

With Check Cashing USA, you never have to wait a week for checks to clear again


With Check Cashing USA, you never have to wait a week for checks to clear again.

Does your organization need help processing large checks payable to your company? Are you tired of waiting for full payments to be deposited and available for use?

When you can’t afford to wait five to seven days for checks to clear, we’re here. For more than thirty years, Check Cashing USA has provided instant cash checking services to the South Florida business.

Whether you’re got a dozen checks or just one, we make check processing simple. Walk through our door with checks in hand. A few minutes later, leave with cash in your pocket. 

No long, drawn-out processes. No frustration. No waiting.

With our protected and certified system, we don’t just cash checks quickly. We do it safely, and we do it with our hallmark customer service. 

Need services beyond instant check processing? No problem. Under the oversight of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we’re constantly adding new short-term cash solutions to better serve you.

Services currently offered include:

Serving large corporations, small businesses, and individuals, Check Cashing USA has locations throughout South Florida. So, you’re always around the corner from your cash. 

If you’re tired of waiting on your slow and sluggish banks, it’s time for a change. Come to Check Cashing USA to get easy and safe access to your funds, without the wait. Contact us today for a customized plan for your organization that will put cash in your hand at the speed of business.